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Watch Repair Service



 We are a second generation watch repair service providing high-quality work on name brand and specialty watches.


Example of watch types, styles, and brands on which we have done repair work:
Angelus, A.Shield, Benrus, Borel, Breitling, Bulova, Caravelle, Citizen, Elgin, ESA, ETA, Font, Gruen, Hamilton, Helbros, Helvetia, Howard, Illinois, LeCoultre, Lemania, Longines, Mallard, Meylan, Miyota, Moeris, Omega, Rolex, Ronda, Seiko, Tiffany, Tissot, Valjoux, Waltham, Wittnauer, and others.


Repair of Modern and Vintage Watches

Quartz and Mechanical
Service - Specializing in Jeweled Swiss Movements

It will be necessary for us to examine your watch in order to provide an accurate quote for work to be done. However, for your convenience typical rates are shown below.

Typical Price List (U.S.) for Service and Repair of Conventional Mechanical Watches:

Overhaul - Clean, oil, and regulate:
   Standard manual wind $225; Manual wind with calendar $275;  Auto-wind $300; Auto-wind with  calendar $350; Chronographs by quotation. All pocket watches are $250.

Mainspring:    $85 Standard manual wind


Balance Staff:    $100 Standard watch;  $165 Pocket Watch


Jewel Bearing:  $85  (often needed in vintage pocket watches)


Stem and Crown:    $65    Standard parts; Quote for custom parts


Crystal:    $35   Standard Acrylic; Quote for custom fits and non-plastic


Water Resistance Testing up to to 4 Atmospheres (132 ft. depth):  $25



Mechanical watches are completely disassembled when serviced and cleaned in an RM90 Elma watch-parts basket type cleaning system. 

Final timing is done with an Elma electronic watch-timer. Computerized tests are performed on rate, beat error, and balance amplitude during the timing process. 

All work performed is guaranteed for one year excluding user inflicted damage and non-related parts failures.




High End Watches

Due to their cost and complexity, high end watches such as Rolex, Breitling, Omega, and others require special pricing. Contact us for quotes on these type watches.

In general prices will be approximately double the rates shown above.We are an independent watch repair and parts supplier and in no way affiliated with the Rolex company




Quartz Watches

Many quality quartz watches (battery operated) can be dis-assembled and  repaired in a fashion similar to mechanical watches. This includes CoA (clean, oil, adjust) and parts replacement. We are trained and experienced in doing this type of work.


Overhaul prices for quartz watches are similar to those of standard and calendar mechanical watches (see rates above). Battery Replacement: $9 for silver oxide and $10 for lithium battery; Diagnostic Services: $20; Replacement of mechanical parts, circuit module, coil, stepping motor, or movement by quotation (based on parts and model type)